Kaiao Baoli Road Running Troupe was officially established - successfully completed the first horse in Jingjiang!
Haruki Murakami once said: "The body is everyone's temple, no matter what is worshipped in it, we should keep it strong, beautiful and clean." I think so. Presumably you also have a deep understanding that busy with work or social entertainment, not too much time for exercise and self-management, as time goes by, the body becomes bloated, the health condition is affected, and the quality of life also declines. It can be seen that life lies in sports, and good self-management is very important.
In order to advocate the healthy and happy life of employees, Baoli Forklift Convening Company has formed a vigorous team with running and exercise as the main part - Baoli Forklift Road Running Group. The members of the group supervise and encourage each other, keep exercising every day, and sign up for marathon competitions everywhere from time to time, so as to build up their physique. On November 3, the Baoli Forklift Road Running Group was formally established. On the day of its establishment, the team members gathered to share their stories about running and said that they would always keep exercising. Only with a better body can they work and live better.
Shortly after its establishment, the Baoli Road Running Group ushered in the 2nd Jingjiang 50km Super Marathon Relay Competition. All the members of the running group and the leaders of the company took an active part in the marathon competition. Everyone was in a raging position. On the day of the competition, all the participants completed the competition safely and smoothly. Although some of the players were still injured, they still insisted on running the whole course. No one quit or abandoned the race. The perseverance, unity and collective sense of honor of Baoli Forklift Road Running Group deeply touched everyone.
The successful completion of the Jingjiang Marathon does not mean that the team will stop running. On the contrary, this is the beginning. It is the beginning of our Baoli people's continuous pursuit of excellence and enterprising. I believe that through running, more and more Baoli colleagues can enjoy the health and pleasure of running, have a better body, is the first step to enjoy a better life.