Are you "green" today?
"Food is the heaven for the people", "people are iron rice is steel, a panic of not eating hunger". The old saying tells people the importance of food to people more than once. It not only can satisfy the hunger and solve the hunger, but also provides all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body, especially green vegetables, green organic food and green tree fruits.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of food on the table. Food from Tiannan and Haibei can be supplied whenever there is a need. Tropical fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables, fresh fish and shrimp are all available, thanks to the developed logistics transportation, and of course, the handling equipment is also necessary.
Yantai is a large agricultural production base in China, with a large number of fruit and vegetable enterprises and warehouses. The second fruit and vegetable promotion meeting of Baoli forklift truck was successfully held in Qixia, Yantai, on July 20. More than 40 well-known fruit and vegetable enterprises from Qixia, Zhaoyuan and other places participated in the meeting.
After the guests checked in, they first watched the exquisite propaganda videos of Baoli. They had an intuitive understanding of the development process of Kaiao Group and Baoli forklift truck. Then they watched the detailed introduction of the core components of Baoli tram, and gained a deeper understanding of the motor and electronic control used by Baoli by watching the real objects.
The meeting was presided over by Mr. Gu Yingchao, manager of Baoli forklift truck northern region. After the welcoming speech of Baoli Yantai dealer to the guests, the meeting officially opened.
Mr. Ji Dapeng, Customer and Tramcar Sales Director of Baoli Enterprise, introduced the development process of Kaiao Group and Baoli Forklift to the guests in detail. The market orientation and development direction of Baoli Forklift were emphasized. Combining with the operation characteristics of fruit and vegetable industry, the models suitable for this industry were analyzed and deconstructed. The leaders of fruit and vegetable enterprises are very interested in it, and there are frequent interactions between them.
Subsequently, Mr. Sun Chunfeng, Customer Development Manager of Baoli Enterprise, introduced Baoli diesel and tramcar in detail. Through comparison, the guests had a deep understanding of the configuration and structure of Baoli forklift truck, and through actual operation in the test drive link, fully affirmed the characteristics of Baoli forklift truck, such as high quality, easy operation and more comfortable.
At the promotion meeting, nearly ten bills were signed, and nearly half of the customers reached their purchasing intention. In addition, through this promotion meeting, not only let the guests have a better understanding of Baoli brand and products, but also through communication and interaction to close the distance between each other, so that Baoli more close to customers, close to the market, enhance brand influence.