This is by Baoli and Jackie Chan "co-starring" yo!
Speaking of Jackie Chan, we must all be familiar with him. Many of his kungfu films, police and bandit films and comedies are classics. They not only become masterpieces accompanying you to grow up, but also let Chinese Kungfu movies go abroad, go to Hollywood and go to the whole world.
Recently, Baoli forklift truck has the honor to cooperate with Jackie Chan International Special Forces. The Tianjin Film and Television Base has bought a Baoli 1.5T electric balanced forklift KBE15, which is mainly used for the handling and stacking of camera machines and props in the film and television city.
Baoli forklift truck will fully demonstrate the strength of stability, efficiency and firmness, and provide more convenience and services to the "Kungfu Tough Guys" so that Chinese Kungfu can better go to the world.