Technical service people
On August 6, Baoli forklift truck successfully held a wonderful forklift skill competition with Haijiang Ruitong Logistics Park in Yantai. The purpose of the competition is to improve the skills and safety awareness of forklift operators in the logistics park. As early as early as July, the Logistics Park began to prepare for the competition. In order to ensure the quality and performance of the competition vehicles, the park leaders selected Baoli forklift truck as the competition vehicle through various investigations.
On the day of the competition, the W6 logistics customized forklift truck equipped with Weichai engine for Baoli forklift truck was ready early in the morning, and the leaders and invited guests of the park: Special Service Commissioner Meng Zhengwei, Director Han and Gu Manager of Baoli forklift truck in the northern region arrived one by one. After that, the leaders of the logistics Park and distributors in Yantai region expressed sincere welcome to the guests on the spot and announced the formal opening of the competition.
There are two main parts in this competition: one is the round pile competition, the other is the stacking tray competition. The ability, flexibility and balance of operation of forklift trucks were investigated. The advantages of Baoli forklift, such as strong power, low vibration and low noise, have been fully utilized in the competition. It has perfectly cooperated with the participants to accomplish the task and won unanimous praise.
After the competition, General Wang of the Logistics Park, Gu Manager of Baoli Forklift North Area, and Meng Political Committee of the Secret Service Office awarded prizes to the top three of the competition respectively.